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Map Thank you artwork

  • Map Thank you artwork
  • Map Thank you artwork

'Thank you Mrs Jones'

A stylish and detailed OS map of your chosen village, town or city in the shape of a apple, and to also show your school. Finished off with a quote of your choice such as ' Thank you Mrs Jones'

The mapping for England, Wales and Scotland is detailed enough to show most place names and roads (but not individual schools).

Please note: this print is currently ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ENGLAND, SCOTLAND & WALES. Apologies but it is NOT available for Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Channel Islands or other parts of the world at this time. (There is a box on the bottom of the cart page with 'notes or instructions' this is where you can leave your personalized details, village, town, city for your order and the names)

Comes in a box frame (23x23cm) with a choice of a white, oak effect or black frame with a white background.